About us

York River Forestry Services is a dynamic and forward-thinking small business offering complete and professional forest management consulting services. Our services are individually tailored to meet the objectives of private land woodlot owners and local forest-based business owners.

York River Forestry Services is strategically located within Hastings Highlands, a central location enabling us to provide our services across Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley. The Great Lakes - St. Lawrence forests within this region are home to some of Ontario’s most diverse and ecologically complex forest ecosystems with a rich forest history dating back to early settlement.

Founded by Alex Marcantonio; a Registered Professional Forester, Forest Technician and outdoor enthusiast, York River Forestry Services is qualified and insured to meet and exceed the objectives of your next project.

Where did it all start? As the operator of York River Forestry Services, it began from a passion for the outdoors, the natural environment and entrepreneurship sparked at a young age. My ambition and persistence in these areas continued to develop throughout my early years and post-secondary education.

Although I was always certain of my future entrepreneurial intentions, I understood the importance of gaining relevant experience and establishing a network throughout the local forest industry. For the better part of a decade following my post-secondary education, I worked for an employer in the field, building on my skills and industry network which strategically positioned me to forge my own path.

In 2020, the opportunity arose to begin my entrepreneurial journey. 

I launched York River Forestry Services to focus on private land forest management, silviculture, forest education and wildlife habitat management; areas of the industry that I found most interesting. In addition to my core forestry business, my interest in the natural outdoors and sustainable harvesting led me to pursue producing pure maple products and unpasteurized wildflower honey as a hobby.

Let us apply our expertise and knowledge into your next forestry-related project. York River Forestry Services will implement sound, effective forest management techniques delivered and tailored to each landowners' specific objectives. Begin your woodlot legacy today, improve forest health and enhance wildlife habitat with a world-class forest and wildlife management program.

Your total satisfaction is my guarantee.



Alex Marcantonio, R.P.F.