Forest and Wildlife Management

Responsible forest practices that are implemented today will help maximize the potential of your forest in the future. With support from a forestry professional, learn about your woodlot investment and the most appropriate management options you may consider. 

A sound forest management program will encourage a healthier future forest, enhance and diversify wildlife habitat, maintain the functionality of forest ecosystems, generate sustainable revenue and sequester carbon.

You can become part of the climate change solution by implementing a forestry program developed with assistance from a Professional Forester.

Services include:
  • Individually tailored forest management education sessions to inform & guide your land-use intentions, identify constraints, increase your forest level awareness and provide professional advice based on actual conditions
  • Timber harvest and operational coordination
  • Timber volume estimates
  • Tree marking and operational boundary line location
  • Marketing of forest products
  • Silviculture services

York River Forestry is committed to implementing world-class professional forest management. Our management programs are guided by relevant scientific principals, based on years of local experience and refined to encompass the complexity and variability found within your forest. 

Serving Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley. Please contact us for consultation requests and/or inquiries.