Pure Maple Products

Artisan style, 100% pure maple products produced over a wood fired evaporator in Lanark, Ontario. No artificial flavors, no additives and no preservatives. Store in a cool, dark place prior to opening. Once opened, products must be refrigerated. 

Available in the following grades (1L and 500ml glass bottles): 

  • Grade A Amber, Rich Taste
  • Grade A Dark, Robust Taste

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Maple Syrup Grade Characteristics:

Amber is our light syrup, made when the sap has the highest sugar consistency. Traditionally, light syrups have been the most sought after, although they have the least amount of maple flavouring. 

Dark is our mid-range maple syrup, with a slightly more prominent maple flavouring and a darker colour than the amber. Dark syrup is typically preferred for cooking and baking. 

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