"Alex was very helpful in completing our managed forestry application. We had missed our deadline and he was able to inform us fully of the steps to take to get everything sorted. He is so informative and pleasant to work with on our 2 properties." - Amanda Rightmyer


"When we first purchased our home, we had major drainage and erosion issues. Water was coming in the basement and our driveway was slowly washing out. Alex was able to help us build up and slope the water runoff away from the house and driveway. He provided the knowledge and experience to come up with a plan that fixed all of our issues. Extremely grateful for all of Alex's help!"- Braden Douglas


"I’m so glad Alex was recommended to me by a neighbour. After speaking with him to get an assessment, we hired Alex to cut down 17 potentially hazardous trees on our property. He is not only knowledgeable and passionate as an arborist, Alex is also reliable, efficient and courteous. We would definitely hire him again without hesitation." -Kathy Katrib-Reyes


"Alex is outstandly professional and fun to work with. Alex worked on two projects for us. He took care of our MFTIP application which was just approved, the process was straightforward and easy just as Alex communicated. Secondly, he cleaned up a lot of forest brush around our off-grid cabin after many years of fallen trees accumulated from storms. As written in previous reviews, Alex took the time to walk through our property and discuss the forest while teaching us so much. He is deeply passionate about his work and sharing what he knows.
While working on the tree brush cleanup Alex was super communicative. We were not able to be at the property during his work, so he sent us daily reports and pictures and consulted us with any decision making that arose during the project . Alex was extremely sensitive to minimizing the impact of his excavator on the cabin surroundings. He also has amazing aesthetics and even though he did a lot of work, the surroundings of the cabin did not feel disrupted following his work. I would highly recommend Alex for any kind of landscape project or MFTIP application!" -Rachel Posner


"Alex recently completed a project for us at our cottage, planting trees, shrubs, grading the property and installing shoreline rock. His knowledge of the native trees and shrubs and his eye for landscape design made our vision come true even more beautifully than we had imagined! His attention to detail, approach to the project and professionalism were exemplary. Highly recommend his services. Thank You Alex!" -Jackie Daigle


"I haven't known Alex long, but in the time I have gotten to know him, I am incredibly impressed by the work he does and the manner in which he approaches forest management and his business, overall. Coming with years of experience and a trustworthy character, I highly recommend York River Forestry!" -Breanna Atkinson


"Alex is an incredibly conscientious, meticulous, ethical, patient and articulate business owner and service provider. He was able to offer his excavator services in a waterfront erosion emergency situation to save an outbuilding near a shoreline. He was also very helpful with advice about the planting of trees and shrubs to help mitigate the erosion situation. I would highly recommend York River Forestry Services to any landowner." -Donna LeClair


"York River Forestry Services prepared a 10 year managed forest plan for our property in support of a Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program application. Alex took the time to walk the property with us, explaining the composition and make up of the forest. Alex provided us with some practical advice on how to get the most out of and care for our forest lot. It was clear that Alex is a knowledgeable and professional Forester and is passionate about sharing his love for the forest with his clients. Alex provided prompt responses to emailed inquiries. The fee charged for York River Forestry Services was competitive in comparison with other options that were considered. It was a pleasure working with Alex. I am happy to recommend his services for anyone in search of a Forester." -Tim Chen-Sizeland


"Alex is very knowledgeable and spent three hours educating us about our forest before doing our forest management plan. It was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend his services!"- Anne-Marie Langen


"When Alex walked with us on our land, he did not rush the process. He took extensive time in identifying the different species of trees and he had valuable advice on how to improve our Woodlot. As an added bonus, Alex gave us amazing advice on our beekeeping and maple syrup hobbies. Alex is knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic . He submitted the Managed Forest application in a timely manner.

We would highly recommend Alex." -Kevin Barrett