Wildflower Honey

100% raw and unpasteurized, Ontario No.1 Golden 

Our honey is packed and processed cold for a truly raw product. It is produced in accordance with processing and labelling standards set by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFR). It is characterized by a rich, sweet and robust flavour. 

Common nectar sources include basswood, sumac, milkweed, bugloss, sweet clover, red cover and trefoil. Our bees forage across the vast woodlands, road/hydro line corridors and wetlands found throughout Hastings highlands. Types of bees include Carniolan, Carni-italian, Saskatraz, the "York River" special (our own queens reared in the York River Valley).

To order by phone or email, please contact us. You are sure to enjoy our Ontario No.1 Golden wildflower honey. Your complete satisfaction is our guarantee! 

wildflower honey