Five landowner benefits of forest management

Forest and wildlife management

What is a managed forest? It depends who you ask and how you interpret your forest.

Forest management is an active approach to woodlot management and long-term sustainability. There are a variety of different activities that can be strategically implemented to achieved a desired objective. 

Common landowner benefits include:

  1. Improving forest health and value
  2. Increasing forest and ecosystem diversity
  3. Building resiliency to help forests withstand a future uncertain climate and increasing invasive species pressures
  4. Enhancing wildlife habitat features
  5. Generating sustainable revenue in the process.

Put simply, forest management can be described as tending your garden, but in the long-term. The goal of forest management is to identify your objective and implement a management strategy that will help you as the landowner realize that initial goal.

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five benefits of forest management

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